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The search for the right college fit can be a daunting one, especially with a busy high school schedule. What classes should I take? When should I start preparing for college entrance exams? When should I start visiting campuses? Should I interview? To whom do I ask for recommendations? How do I even get started on my college essays? What should my college list look like? When should I start reaching out to college coaches?


All of these questions and more can be a lot to handle for even the most detail-oriented students. At Hetzel Educational Consulting, Brian relies on years of experience to walk each student through the entire process one step at a time. The process is highly individualized, as Brian realizes each student is unique in their own way. He believes in a process that focuses on the best fit, as the college experience should be some of the happiest and most enjoyable experiences of every student's life. Finding the right campus and academic environment is paramount in laying the foundation for a successful college journey. 

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